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Message of Healing for Women in Recovery

MANSFIELD, OhioHealing Hearts Counseling Center shares a message of healing to their female clients and female support persons in the Mansfield community. Healing Hearts hosted whose intent was to “treat you to a day that you deserve, because you are enough. Actually, you are more than enough. You were created, beautiful and valued. Life is more than just surviving, it is thriving, blooming, reaching your full potential. We hope  we can be a part of your journey, to facilitate you to fullness of life. Today is our gift to you.”

  • Charlsetta Hawkins, Mansfield, Ohio
  • Pam Shields, Columbus, Ohio
  • Shirley Jordan, Mansfield, Ohio
  • Kelly Stamper, Ontario, Ohio

In attendance were clients and their mothers, grandmothers, or support persons.

The program came about because DeWayne Lee, Vice President of Operations at Healing Hearts Counseling Center wanted to have an opportunity to honor his mother, Gloria Smith. “My mother felt alone while I was active in my addiction. When she had an opportunity to share at a women’s conference, that I was incarcerated … one by one, other mothers stood up and shared that they had a father, son, brother, who was incarcerated. There was healing in my mother being able to share. A women’s road to recovery is very different than that of men. They often times experience a great amount of trauma while living in their addiction or watching those they love struggle with addiction. The intent of the program was to allow the women to share their experiences in order to address any feelings of shame and guilt that would interfere with recovery. Overcoming shame and guilt is critical to their healing.”

In the opening remarks, Jill Waite, Director of Mental Health at Healing Hearts thanked the crowd for coming. “There is more to recovery than just not using. The part of recovery that we want to bring to you today is the ‘beauty’ part. Magazines and TV try to tell us our standard of beauty. But, I want to dispel that myth today. Here is why. When we look at other people, all we see is our own flaws. We think we are not pretty enough, tall enough, short enough, smart enough … I’m not enough. That is a lie. Here today, we want you to know it is a day for you of beauty and healing. Everyone here looks amazing! We were created beautifully inside. It is not just on the outside, but the core of who you are is a beautiful person.”

Ms. Charlsetta Hawkins shared about saying “yes to yourself”; and not falling into the trap of people-pleasing in order to be accepted. What is primary, is to pursue your own healing by taking responsibility for what you need to do

After watching a video of “Victory over Addiction” by Sidney Smith – her mother, Kelly Stamper spoke to the mothers and support people in the audience. ”I am a parent who understand. I am Sidney’s momma.” She went on to share about her experiences as the mother of an addict in recovery.

Ms. Pamela Shields, an Addiction Counselor from Columbus, Ohio, came to share a message of hope and recovery. Just like the phoenix, “beauty arises out of ashes”.

Ms. Shirley Jordan encouraged the group that we ALL struggle and that none of us is alone. “I love you to life.”

“If it wasn’t for God, my higher power, I wouldn’t be standing here. I’m still in process, I’m not perfect; but I know recovery is worth it.” Said Ms. Taymara Graves, Counselor at Healing Hearts, as she closed the program.