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Maurice Clarett Shares Message of Hope

MANSFIELD, OhioHealing Hearts Counseling Center hosted former Ohio State University running back, Maurice Clarett. Maurice shared a message of hope with Healing Hearts Counseling Center clients, letting them know that “they too can overcome their addiction and go on to lead productive lives”.

Mr. Clarett was introduced by Healing Hearts Director of Operations, DeWayne Lee, to a group of approximately 40 clients, who were in varied phases of treatment. He spent approximately 45 minutes sharing the time from when he helped The Ohio State Football team win the 2002 National Championship, to when he was arrested and did time in the Ohio Penal system.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed his sharing and had a chance to dialogue about their concerns as individuals in recovery. When the group was asked what could be done to better help those who were in recovery, responses ranged from getting assistance with education/schooling, to poignant sharing about difficulty getting work because of felony convictions.

Maurice told those in attendance that they need to take ownership of their recovery, and have a plan for what they want to get out of treatment, “It is much like my coming here today, I needed to put an address in my GPS in order to get to this address”. Those in recovery need to have specific goals to get to their location. He went on to say, “that more treatment facilities need to have wrap-around services which reach out into the community, and the agencies have to be engaged at every level, from working with children to adults”.

There is a treatment center in Youngstown, Ohio, with which Mr. Clarett is affiliated. He said, “We work with adolescents and work directly with schools. We want to be a consistent fabric in people’s lives and want to be there for individuals in a way that others have not been able to.” He shared with the management team of Healing Hearts, “It is how the individual feels when they walk into your space that matters. It is not about how you feel and what you want to do with the space.”

In talking about his own motivation for working with those in recovery, he shared, “I enjoy working with people. I own a trucking company, but I don’t get a thrill from throwing boxes on a truck.  I want to help inspire and motivate others. I enjoy helping individuals to be a better parent, a better brother, a better person in the community.”

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