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Healing Hearts Launches New Art Space

Mansfield – Healing Hearts Counseling Center at Parkside launched a new project space for their clients this week. The Art Room opened September 11th and will displays the creative works of clients raising awareness about mental health services and overcoming addiction. The Art Room located at 680 Park Ave. West in Mansfield, is an expressive arts space for Healing Hearts clients. Clients will have the opportunity to share their struggle with the issues of addiction/mental health, the heartache it creates and the joy of recovery through artwork.

Materials available in the Art Room include paints, colored pencils, drawing paper, brushes, markers, crayons, and fabric. Time in the space can be free or guided as clients feel helpful to express their emotions.

“Art therapy can be a helpful way to manage stress and improve problem solving abilities. The goal is for clients to express the emotion they’re experiencing, and to draw what they want, with no consideration to how pretty the picture is, but to be raw and expressive. I believe anyone who sees the art will see the beauty and hope in the works on display,” Owner and Executive Director Maja-lisa Anderson Lee said.

“The Art Room is a place where learning, play, purpose and generosity can all flourish in an atmosphere that will bring healing of many kinds,” Healing Hearts Counseling Center Support Staff Anita Hickinbotham said.

“It seems no coincidence that the first group would gather on September 11th.  There was hope in the face of the numerous losses we acknowledged and even in the particularly troubling events that client faced in the last 48 hours. We suffer tragedies and somehow have the opportunity to do good in the face of them. The group made mementos to send encouragement into some else’s hardship. There were glimmering pieces of courage and love in action as a small roomful of individuals chose to do something kind for another today. September 11th will always carry that reminder.” Hickinbotham said.

Healing Hearts Counseling Center at Parkside accepts donations of art supplies for the Art Room. Please contact the office to arrange a day and time to deliver your donation.

Healing Hearts Counseling Center at Parkside offers professional outpatient counseling for such issues as addiction/co-dependency, alcohol/drugs, depression, grief, trauma/PTSD, sexual abuse, sexual addiction, couples/relationship counseling, anger management, stress management, and more. Individual and group therapy is available.  The facility provides opioid treatment in the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT program).

Healing Hearts Counseling Center at Parkside office hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The facility is also available for groups. To schedule an appointment call 419-528-5993.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Maja-lisa Anderson Lee, BA, MA, LPCC at 419-528-5993 or email at maja.healinghearts@gmail.com.

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